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John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014


i remember when i watched tsot the first time, and i wasn’t sad or anything, far from it, after sherlock made his last vow and said to mary she was pregnant and said his bit about being a baby, i wasn’t sad, not really because nothing in the scene was made to make me feel sad: sherlock wasn’t actually showing signs of sadness, everyone was laughing and smiling

and the thing is, the writers could have stopped the episode right here (hell i thought it was the end of it when i first watched it live), it would have been the most perfect moment to stop the episode if they wanted to make a show about a wonderful ~platonic friendship~

but no! instead we got sherlock’s smile fading and then those atrocious long minutes where he was feeling alone and excluded, being hurt by the most horrible ‘no homo’ joke on the show… a joke his best friend told to his face

and every time i watch tsot again, i almost expect the episode to end on mary, john, sherlock laughing because i’m so used to heteronormative tv shows, to platonic reading that every single time i’m surprised by how much sherlock is suffering, how scared john looks when he realises for one second that sherlock might be in love with him

like… this second when sherlock’s smile starts disappearing is everything: it’s there, this moment right here, that changed everything

Based on the life of Alan Turing - a mathematician, code-breaker and pioneer of computer science.

In 1938, he began working for a secret British organisation called the Government Code and Cipher School. He helped the government decipher the German Enigma machine. He designed a machine - Bombe - that successfully decrypted the German war codes. In 1945 he was given the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services.

Post-war he turned his attention to another sort of machine, and in 1949 he developed a body of work that became the basis of artificial intelligence. In 1951 he was named as a fellow of the Royal Society.

In 1952, he was tried and arrested for being a homosexual (then a criminal offence). To avoid prison, he accepted treatment through injections of estrogen for a year that were meant to neutralize his libido. All his security clearances were also withdrawn.

He died in 1954, he committed suicide.

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