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I feel like we’re not talking about this enough



like, I think we often assume that at this time Sherlock kind of took John for granted, expected him to always be there, which to be fair it does often seem like



but it’s actually there in plain text that he actively misses him, even talks about it to Molly


he’s so attached to John it’s unbelievable

to be honest, I think we missed a lot of Sherlock’s feelings in s1-2 since it’s John’s point of view, it seems not much is actually going on with him and the only thing we really get to see is this


so I think there might have been so much more going on in his head than we really expect

The point of Sherlock is watching the character of Sherlock change from a great man to a good man. I get why people don’t like Sherlock ships ( I have a friend who hates all Sherlock ships and I would like to hear from her sometime on all this) and I would agree to some extent, but that was before season 3. Before then I seriously doubted any ideas of him being in a relationship and still in character.

After season 3, Sherlock is beginning to change into a better man and is making bigger sacrifices. He is still far from perfect, every character on this show has a plethora of flaws, but I do feel he is becoming a better human being. And we can bring in awful things he has done to John, Molly, or  anyone really; but he is becoming aware of his flaws and changing. He can be manipulative but he was less so this season than in the past. He really could be a good man at some point. Which doesn’t mean he has to end up with anyone, but that he has come to terms with handling who he is as a person. 

This needs to happen before any relationship can take place.

So the idea that he could actually be in a relationship with anyone is okay to me now and would not seem out of character if done correctly. (Like I was seriously freaking out when I thought he was with Janine since it was really out of character.)

I just want my characters to be happy. Is that so hard?

(But rock on people who don’t like shipping, since that isn’t your thing and I really have no idea how that feels when you have to see it almost everywhere.)

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